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Rules on exchange of goods of KNT Online Factory

The rules are formulated based on "Product Quality Law of the PRC", "Law of the PRC on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of
Consumers", and the "Three Guarantees" of related products. For all the consumers who buy goods from KNT Online Factory, please
request to exchange goods in accordance with the following rules.

I. The preparation need to be done beforehand by the consumers who propose exchanging goods.
1. Please contact the KNT Customer Service Centre by telephone or email to inform the order's flow numbers and the reasons to exchange goods.
2. Please retain the integrity of the accessory of the goods, such as packaging, spare parts, manuals, warranty card and invoice.

II. Consumers can request to exchange goods under the following  circumstances:
The circumstances under which consumers can request exchanging goods:
A. There are quality problems within seven days after receiving the goods
B. During the warranty period, the units have been repaired for three times but still cannot work normally with repair records and proof provided by menders.

III. About the shipping costs arised from exchanging goods
1. Under the following circumstances,consumers should pay the piper:
A. consumers did not use the units within three days after receiving the goods, but request to exchange the goods.
B. Customers have not contacted the KNT Customer Service Centre firstly but mail the goods back to the mall.   
C. Consumers mail the accessory to the Mall because they did not mail the goods completely with all of the accessory such as the packaging, spare parts and so on at the first time.
2. Under the following circumstances, the Mall sholud pay the piper:
A. Customers request to exchange goods because of quality problems within seven days after receiving the goods.
B. Customers request to exchange goods within 90 days after receiving the goods because of quality problems and the mall will be responsible for half of the shipping cost.

IV. Under the following circumstances, the Mall will not exchange the goods.
1. The goods have got problems because of the customers' misuse of the goods.
2. The goods are stored or exposed in the unsuitable environment .
3. The goods are repaird, misused, neglected, abused, altered, incorrectly installed without authorization.  
4. Force majeure.
5. The goods are damaged because of food or liquid splashed down.
6. The Customers have not contacted the KNT Customer Service Centre before exchanging goods.
7. The goods are returned with incomplete or damaged accessory, such as packaging or others.
8. The goods been bought for a long time beyond the quality assurance period.
9. The goods which are not provided by KNT Online Mall.

KNT Online Shop possesses the final interpretation of the above rules.

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