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KNT RC Models Factory ›››› Shopping Guide

• Registration and Login
In order to facilitate your purchase, we recommend that you firstly login our site before you browse and buy goods. If you have not yet
registered, please
register here free.
• Search or Browse
Customers can easily browse the goods on the net, for example the recommended goods on the homepage. You can browse goods with various methods, such as browsing in accordance with their types or their manufacturers. Every type of goods have photo and text two
display modes on each of their classification page meanwhile there is separate detailed pages of the goods.
• Add into the shopping cart
If customers decide to buy a product and there is the product on hands, then please click "Add to Shopping Cart" button on the product page, then pages will be transferred to the shopping cart pages. So far, all the goods added to the shopping Cart will be displayed. Customers can click ˇ°Checkoutˇ± to generate a new order, also you can click "Continue Shopping" then pages will be transferred to the products page so that customers can continue browsing and shopping. On the Shopping Cart pages customers also can empty your shopping cart to abandon the previous choice, then re-browses and shop.
• Checkout
On the checkout pages, customers can choose the methods of payment and of delivery. If you need a value-added tax invoices, please record your information here. After all the information is confirmed, please click "Submit Order" button then a formal order will be made.
• Payment methods accepted
We can accept payment by Credit Card Through Paypal, Moneybookers or by Bank Transfer.
If Paypal or Moneybookers are available in your country, then you can use Paypal / Moneybookers to pay for your order with a credit card or bank debit card. If you don't have a Paypal / Moneybookers account you can sign up for an account while completing your KNT shop order checkout.
Please submit payment in advance, in full. Order prices in the online shop system add shipping during the checkout process and no taxes are added by KNT shop.
Payment can be submitted in any currency, although we advise matching the currency used in the online order process for ease of calculation.
We do not currently offer accounts or credit.
You need to pay in full for your orders in advance, and KNT shop will guarantee successful delivery of your goods.
Further Payment Notes
Please do not send cash.
   Please do not send cheques or money orders.
   Please do not email us details of bank accounts or credit cards. 
   We also do not accept Worldpay, 2Check, Nochex, or other online payment systems. Sorry!
   Please do not use online payment vouchers such as 3V vouchers to submit Paypal payments, as these will be rejected. Similarly, do not attempt to use another person's credit card for Paypal payments unless you are certain the credit card owner will be able to provide us with direct confirmation that the charge is authorised. 
Bank Transfer is the only KNT Factory payment option for you if your country is not served by Paypal / Moneybookers.
 • Shipping & Delivery
Currently the following methods of delivery are available:
TNT global express mail service, Fedx global express mail service, DHL global express mail service, China EMS express mail service.
We will begin processing your order when payment is received. When processing begins you will receive an email notification. You will receive another email notifying you when the goods are dispatched, including a courier tracking number. If you think the processing is taking too long - i.e. you have been in "processing" for over one week, please send us an email to enquire about the process of your order and we will be glad to assist you.


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